We are calling on the hospitality industry to lead by example and commit to fighting food waste in their kitchens to safeguard our future.
— His Excellency Dr Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment

Our challenge

There is a global ambition to halve food waste by 2030. Our hospitality sector is the catalyst for this change and when we collaborate we create a movement. If your business is food, we invite you to join this community.

Our ambition

Through public engagement, knowledge sharing and proactive measurement, we saved over 1 million meals in 2018 and our aim is to save 3 million meals yearly by 2020. In doing so we will create a community that inspires change beyond the hospitality sector both here in the UAE and internationally.

Our invitation

Depending on your organisation there are different ways to engage with the campaign.

  • Pledge Maker - Make a public commitment to reduce food waste and join the community

  • Pledge Champion - Also commit to digitally record food waste via Winnow and submit data to MOCCAE

  • Pledge Partner - Support to national pledge through knowledge sharing and collaboration

What benefits will pledge makers get?

  • Logo on website

  • Access to Pledge events

  • Ability to share content and case studies with community

What additional benefits will pledge champions get?

  • As above plus

  • Certification per kitchen to quantify meals saved

  • Champion certificate recognising annual contribution

  • Food Waste Pledge signage to use to communicate success to customers

What benefits will pledge partner get?

  • Access to pledge events

  • Logo on website

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